Agroempaques S.A. is a company from the Wiese Goup with 30 years of experience in the business , they provide services of storage and frozen processes of high quality and safety. We are members of the IARW (International Association of Regrigerated Warehouses) and of the WFLO (World Food Logistics Organization)


To be the logistic operator (3PL) leader in the logistic sector of the cold chain for the food industry in the country.


To help our clients giving them the logistic solutions in the cold chain for extending and managing efficiently the lifespan of their food.


Agroempaques has based its strategy on maximizing the use of their assets focusing on clients that have great presence on the domestic consumption market like fast foods, supermarkets, importers, among others, that allow us to guarantee the maximum of our infrastructure with a greater volume and a better control of our operations to a reduced number of selected customers with quality services.

Competitive Advantage

We specialize in integrated operations, storage, transport and services in the cold chain, according to the standards requested by the client, we personalize our operations according to their needs.

Location and Infrastructure

We have an 11,000 m2 area of land located on Calle Cappa 268, Callao, it's a 15 minutes ride from the Callao Port and a 10 minutes ride from the airport. We have 3,000 frozen positions and 800 refrigerated positions.


If you want to know more about our company, you can see our presentation here.